Dick’s Share Price Continues to Plummet

To the delight of Second Amendment enthusiasts nation-wide, Dick’s Sporting Goods stock fell another 4% from the same time last year, as gun owners continue to spend their money in other stores.

In the wake of the Parkland, FL shooting, Dick’s immediately announced they would refuse firearms sales to anyone under the age of 21 and would be pulling the AR15 and all similar firearms from their store shelves.

Edward Stack, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, has been the aggressive face of corporate gun control and has arrogantly dug in his heels — to the dismay of his shareholders.

Gun owners, outraged with Dick’s open support of gun control despite relying on gun owners for their financial survival, have been ruthless in boycotting the franchise.

From CBS Marketwatch:

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc.’s stock took a beating on Wednesday, after the retailer missed sales estimates for the second quarter as it pulled back from some struggling, low-margin businesses and suffered a big fall in sales of a key brand.

With millions of Americans being proud gun owners, and with firearms sales hitting new highs year-over-year even with President Trump in the White House, Dick’s competitors must be smiling right now.