State Legislation

Despite Out of Control Violence in Kansas City, Mayor Sly James Wants You Disarmed!

When your city is making the news every other year as the murder capitol of America, most mayors would get to work trying to identify and solve the factors that lead to violent crime.

But most mayors don’t have the arrogance of Kansas City mayor Sly James.

Last month James made headlines while meeting with newly-minted Missouri Governor Parsons, where he urged passage of sweeping gun control proposals including the repeal of the state’s Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground laws!

For anti-gun radicals like James, it’s easier to blame the city’s staggering 150 homicides in 2017 — the highest number since 1993 — on gun owners, rather than his own mismanagement.

Now James is taking his hatred for gun owners to a whole new level, by becoming a founding member of the Bloomberg-funded ‘Mayors for Our Lives’ initiative.

The group is being championed by David Hogg, who has become a public face for the disarmament of America and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

As stated on their own website, the organization’s legislative goals include:

>>> Passage of Bloomberg’s long-awaited universal firearms registry, that would database every firearm and firearms transaction;

>>> Enacting legislation that would criminalize the possession of magazines over 10 rounds capacity, which would then be followed by even further restrictions;

>>> The complete illegalization of the AR-15 and hundreds of similar firearms, by passage of the so called ‘assault weapons ban,’ which would make it a felony to own one.

>>> Implementation of a federal ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law that would allow you to lose your gun rights for something as simple as the recent purchase of a firearm, via an ex-parte hearing that you are not even allowed to attend.

This is what Sly James wants to bring to Missouri, and to America.

Of course, everyone knows that once a civilian population is disarmed the people are powerless to stop an out of control government –- just as they are unable to defend themselves from everyday street criminals.

If Sly James thinks his crime problem is bad now, wait until the radical gun control agenda above is passed into law!

Gun owners in the ‘Show Me’ state must remain very vigilant to make sure they don’t lose much of the ground that they won during the 2016 session, with the passage of Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry.

Check out the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s website for more Missouri specific information.