Trump White House Allowing Guns in School?

The debate over allowing guns in schools has raged loudly in the months following the Parkland, FL shooting — the latest such shooting to take place in a so-called ‘Gun Free Zone.’

Of course, it’s a well-known fact that virtually every mass shooting over the last decade in America has taken place in areas where law abiding citizens are statutorily or administratively banned from defending themselves.

Recently, Texas school officials have asked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos if they could take federal block-grant funding dollars and use to them purchase guns and train teachers how to use them.

Liberal media outlets and Bloomberg-backed activists, predictably, flew into a rage over the idea, apparently preferring more dead innocent people to the concept of self-defense.

Secretary DeVos, no doubt reveling in the irony, told reporters that under the Obama-era Title IV-A guidelines, schools have ‘substantial flexibility’ in determining how to spend federal education dollars.

DeVos continued:

“I will not legislate via fiat from the Department. Therefore, I will not take any action that will expand or restrict the responsibilities and flexibilities granted to State and local education agencies by Congress.”  

This comes as the state level debate over allowing guns in schools continues to rage.

In Iowa this year, Senate File 2086 would have lifted the state’s defacto ban on carrying on school property, although the bill did not advance.

In Wyoming last year, H.B. 136 would have allowed for campus carry, but the bill was struck down by the Wyoming Senate.

And a similar proposal was crushed in the New Hampshire House, just days after the Parkland, FL shooting earlier this year.

Lawmakers who continue to stand in the way of allowing teachers, administrators, staff, coaches, and other law abiding adults from having the means of self-defense while at school will have blood on their hands if additional shootings take place in their state.

Meanwhile, for those states that aren’t following a Bloomberg-issued script in how to stop mass shootings, federal funding may soon be available to help arm and train teachers.