Keith Ellison HUMILIATED at Campaign Event!

The days must be getting long for long-time gun grabber Keith Ellison, former Congressman and now the Democratic nominee to become the next Minnesota Attorney General.

On Saturday, while showing up to his own campaign event, Ellison was confronted by an investigative journalist over his refusal to step aside as a candidate despite being embroiled in a scandal with multiple women accusing him of physical violence.

Ellison wilted, and fled from his own rally moments after arriving.

Gun owners in Minnesota have been sounding the alarm over Keith Ellison’s almost 20-year war against gun owners which has included:

>>> Calling for a ban on ‘assault weapons,’ which really just means regular semi-automatic rifles that are owned by millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans.

>>> Sponsoring legislation like H.R. 13, in 2013, that would make criminals out of Americans who own magazines that hold over ten rounds.

>>> Demanding that states overturn the Stand-Your-Ground laws on the books, meaning that gun owners would have to flee in the face of violent criminal attacks.

And that is just the beginning.

Of course, while calling for radical gun control proposals, Ellison enjoyed personal security perks as a member of Congress — highlighting the smug elitism of the gun control crowd in D.C.

It appears, now, that Ellison’s hypocrisy is not limited to the Second Amendment.

As a self-appointed leader of the #MeToo movement, Ellison’s refusal to drop out of the AG race in Minnesota despite assault claims by numerous women, is infuriating women’s groups like the National Organization for Women, who have demanded Ellison abandon his campaign.

While he hasn’t done that yet, he certainly abandoned his supporters at the event on Saturday when he fled in fear.

Whether or not Ellison becomes the Attorney General in Minnesota remains to be seen, but it’s clear to anyone who is watching that this once-smug gun-grabber’s political star is plummeting faster than shares in Dick’s Sporting Goods.