State Legislation

Florida Shooting Highlights Colossal Failure of Gun Control

In the wake of the Jacksonville, FL shooting last weekend, state and local anti-gun organizations wasted no time in demanding more gun control.

Shannon Watts, the leader of the Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action organization, posted this tweet within an hour of the shooting.

Local SWAT officers were, reportedly, still inside the building searching for additional suspects when Watts and others began to crank up their spin machine.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to gun rights activists, who routinely see anti-gun radicals ‘dancing in the blood’ of the victims of mass shootings –- using the tragedy in an attempt to institute more gun control.

However, like many previous mass shootings, the Jacksonville shooting only served to highlight the utter failure that gun control has been at keeping people safe.

The Jacksonville shooter, David Katz, is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland, a state with some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation.

These laws include:

  • A ban on ‘assault weapons;’
  • Universal handgun registration;
  • A ban on mags over ten rounds capacity;
  • A mandatory licensing program for all handgun owners;
  • Mandatory fingerprinting for all handgun purchases;
  • A ban on buying more than one gun a month;
  • Zero reciprocity agreements with any other states;
  • A ban on open carry of any kind.

All of this failed to stop Katz when he took a pair of handguns from Maryland to Florida and murdered two fellow ‘gamers,’ after losing to them in a gaming tournament.

Clearly passing more gun control would have a similar lack of effect in Maryland, Florida, or anywhere else.

Of course, none of that will stop gun control groups from working to advance their agenda.

Gun owners who are involved in the fight for gun rights need to understand who they are up against, and stop acting as though there can be some sort of compromise reached with today’s gun control crowd.

The gun control forces of today are not trying to ‘tweak the edges’ of our freedom. They are, very publicly, working to completely disarm the population using a very coordinated effort involving lawmakers, the media, and Bloomberg-funded activists.

Gun rights organizations at the state level need to rapidly amp up their game and be utterly ruthless when going after anti-gun lawmakers and candidates during future election cycles –- starting with those Republicans who stab us in the back.

No deals, no surrender, no giving in.

If you are a member of a gun rights organization that doesn’t embrace that philosophy, find another group to support or start one of your own