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Memphis Home Invasion Endangers Two Little Children

Three armed men stormed into a Stevens Circle home in Memphis, TN earlier this week, but only two got out alive.

Authorities said that there were five people — including two children under the age of 5 — in the home during the 2:30am home invasion.

One resident told FOX13 that the suspects demanded money, and then ‘just started shooting.’

That’s when, police say, one of the residents opened fire on the suspects, forcing them to flee. When the police arrived, one suspect was found dead in the front yard.

Homicide detectives are trying to determine who the remaining suspects are, and what drove the three to target this Memphis home.

Anti-gun lawmakers at the state and federal level would just as soon not hear about cases like this, as it doesn’t fit their narrative of total disarmament for the American people.

While we do not know what firearm(s) the homeowner used to stop this attack, the gun control crowd is doing all they can to give criminals the upper hand by trying to make it illegal for law abiding citizens to own AR15’s or magazines that hold over ten rounds of ammo.

Of course, the estimates vary wildly, but between 500,000 to 2.5 million crimes are prevented or reacted to every single year in America by gun owners.

One thing is certain, the two criminals on the run in Memphis dearly hope that Congress and/or state legislatures are effective at advancing gun control, as it makes their job that much easier!