Self Defense

Woman Shoots Her Rapist With His Own Gun

Despite what gun grabbers claim, law abiding people use firearms every single day to stop or prevent violent crime.

And while she was unable to prevent it, a young woman in Camarillo, CA was able to finally stop her attacker by shooting him with his own gun.

Authorities are confirming that 25 year-old Raphael Bhatti had already kidnapped and sexually assaulted his female victim and was keeping her captive in the Villa De Los Robles apartment complex when she was able to get one of his handguns when Bhatti was distracted.

The suspect fled, and called 911 for medical help soon thereafter. His injuries, while serious, are not life threatening.

Police are also reporting that Bhatti was a convicted felon in both Virginia and Maryland, and that the handgun used by the victim to stop the assault had been stolen in Prince Williams County, Virginia.

Background checks did not stop Bhatti’s attack on this young woman, nor did the federal law that prohibits felons from owning guns.

What stopped him was a gun (in this case his own gun) in the hands of a good person who was willing to fight back.

That is why gun owners need to fight like crazy to stop the current momentum of the gun control crowd. Every piece of gun control they pass only empowers criminals and tyrants alike.

We know that background checks are a joke.

We know that Gun Free Zones’ don’t stop crime.

We know that banning guns like the AR15 won’t protect anyone either. 

But every year between 500,000 to 1,500,000 people use their firearm to stop or prevent a crime. These are real lives saved, and real criminals stopped.

But don’t expect to hear much about this story on the national media or from Dianne Feinstein or her ilk — they hate stories like these that remind the American people of why our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment in the first place!